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SPS Changes Recent Years:     
5/4/20 - Ratings for Scramblers - Updated    
1/1/20 - New Waiver Forms for Outings Leaders    
9/29/17 -FREE First Year's Membership or Echo Subscription    
9/28/17 - Outings Leader Incentives    
SPS List with Mileage, Gain and Trailhead Information    
12/xx/15 - SPS Membership Requirements - Change       

Sierra Peaks Section

The Sierra Peaks Section (SPS) is an Activity Section of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club that explores, enjoys, preserves, and stimulates interest in climbing and hiking up peaks in the Sierra Nevada. The Section offers a varied schedule of activities during the climbing season ranging from introductory trips for beginning climbers and graduates of the Wilderness Travel Course to multi-day backpacks that may require extensive mountaineering skills in rock and snow climbing. The Section sponsors or co-sponsors many outings during the spring and summer Sierra Nevada climbing season.

You are encouraged to join us on SPS outings, enjoy the mountains, make new friends and climb with old friends. Membership is not required to participate on SPS outings.

Welcome to the Sierra Peaks Section

A varied schedule of climbing activities is offered during the climbing season. SPS Introductory Trips are offered for beginning climbers and WTC graduates. A good sample of our trips can be found in the SPS Climbing Archives on this site.

A Sierra Peaks Slide Show containing 61 images has been developed to provide visitors to our site an understanding and appreciation of Sierra Peak Section activities and the Sierra Nevada of California. The slide show format and images were kindly provided by Reiner Stenzel. You are encouraged to submit photos from your recent outings to the Sierra Nevada for inclusion in the Slide Show.

In order to participate in an SPS outing, a waiver must be signed by each participant at the trail-head. This waiver is part of the sign-in sheet. A schedule of our activities can be found on this site, in our newsletter, the Sierra Echo, and in the Angeles Chapter Schedule of Activities.

Own Your Own SPS T-Shirt!

They come with a picture of North Palisade on the front and the entire SPS list by geographic area, with Mountaineers and Emblem Peaks easily identified on the back. T-Shirts come in Medium, Large and Extra Large. Colors are sand and ash. Cost is $20.00, which includes shipping. See the T-shirt ad in the Echo or check with Patty Kline for instructions on how to order your shirt by mail. They are available for purchase at the annual SPS Banquet.

SPS Changes - Recent Years

Ratings for Scramblers - Updated

5/4/20 - Thanks to contributions from SPS members and other climbers, the Ratings for Scramblers web page now covers 375 mountains, including the entire SPS Peaks List. The material includes rating definitions, the relationship of Scrambler Ratings to Yosemite Decimal System (YDS) ratings and two tables with ratings of routes up SPS and other High Sierra Peaks. Readers are encouraged to contribute comments and additional ratings.

New Waiver Forms for Outings Leaders

1/1/20 - NEW! Angeles Chapter Sign-In Sheet/WAIVER for all outings was approved for Angeles Chapter Oct. 2019. Available as PDF only. This form must be used for all outings occurring on or after January 1, 2020. Individual waiver, aka Participation Agreement was also approved Oct. 2019. This two-page document has space for signature on page 2. Do not use the old forms after December 31, 2019. Outings Leaders: For more info, click HERE

FREE First Year's Membership or Echo Subscription

NEW - 9/29/17 - Beginning in 2018, new members and subscribers can receive their first year's subscription to The Sierra Echo for free! See the Membership Application Form available for downloading on the Membership page. Please contact the chair if you have any questions.

Outings Leader Incentives

NEW - 9/28/17 - Beginning in 2018, we are offering outings leaders a free year’s SPS membership in return for ......READ MORE    

SPS List with Mileage, Gain and Trailhead Information

A spreadsheet of the SPS List with mileage, gain and trailhead information has been added to the web site along with an introduction to this spreadsheet.

SPS Membership Requirements - Change

Dec. 2015 - The requirement to climb two peaks with the Sierra Club to become a member of the SPS was dropped. Membership in the SPS is now open to any Sierra Club member who has climbed six peaks on the SPS Peak List.   

Header Photo Credit

Header Photo Credit: Taboose Area, in the High Sierra. (The original photo by Harry Langenbacher has been cropped to meet the web site requirement.)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Photo Below of Red and White Mountain, in the High Sierra south of Mammoth Lakes, California served as the header image on the old pre-2016 web site. Climbing routes for this and the Sierra peaks are found in "The High Sierra: Peaks, Passes and Trails", 3rd Edition by SPS member R. J. Secor.


The header photo (above) on the old web site was itself a link to a second (hidden) photo identified as Taboose (shown below).


From 2016 to 10/2019, the following was the header image at top of web pages and was a cropped image of the original photo (shown above) by Ron Hudson.

HeaderImage2016 to 10/2019

From 10/10 to 10/16/19, the image below (a cropped image of the original taboose area photo above) was displayed as the header photo.