Vagmarken Sierra Crest List

SPS members who have climbed the one hundred peaks on the Vagmarken Club Sierra Crest List are recognized here. For the list and its history, click HERE or go to URL Apply to Kathy Rich, member of the Emblem Committee, with your list and climb dates (or at least the peak you finished the list on and approximate date) at

 The list below will be amended or updated after inputs are processed by Kathy.

1976-08-28 – Camphausen, Fred "Campy" - Red and White Mountain
1981-05-17 – Smatko, Andy - Trail Peak
2015-08-29 – Bartell, Ron - White Mountain
2015-08-29 – Gerlach, Greg - White Mountain
2015-08-29 - Daryn Dodge - White Mountain
2020-11-04 – Pickering, Bob - Mount Huntington
2022-07-11 – Rich, Kathy - Junction Peak
Unknown – - - Mantle, Doug - Mammoth Mountain

List Completions
Camphausen Fred "Campy" 8/28/76 Red and White Mountain
Smatko Andy 5/17/81 Trail Peak
Bartell Ron 8/29/15 White Mountain
Gerlach Greg 8/29/15 White Mountain
Dodge Daryn 8/29/15 White Mountain
Pickering Bob 11/4/20 Mount Huntington
Mantle Doug Unknown Mammoth Mountain