The Angeles Chapter Leadership Training Program

The Leadership Training Program is sponsored by the Leadership Training Committee (LTC). We offer training courses for aspiring Sierra Club leaders and others wishing to improve their skills and we sponsor the Leadership Training Seminar required for all leader candidates as well as training in first aid, navigation, rock and snow.  We produce the Leader's Reference Book (the LRB) and provide guidance throughout a candidate's certification process. We generally do not sponsor any regular outings, but can steer candidates and leaders to the groups and activity sections that do. 

Hikers in forestYou can practice and test your skills at most LTC events, whether you are going for a rating or not. Each event has its own leader contacts and attendance requirements. Many events are checkoffs (checkouts) offered throughout the year to give prospective leaders the chance to advance to higher ratings. Events are listed on our Home Page on this site as well as on the Chapter website Schedule of Activities. Check back frequently for new events. We can also recommend private organizations that offer related training to help you with your leadership process.

Angeles Chapter Ratings

Refer to the Leader's Reference Book for specific requirements for each of the nine leadership rating levels (O-1, O-2, I, M- Rock, M-Snow, M, E- Rock, E-Snow and E). The 2022 August edition is PDF-friendly and has hyperlinks to make it easy to browse. Successful leader candidates are certified by the Angeles Chapter Safety Committee.
[O-level] outings comprise the majority of Angeles Chapter activities and include hikes, nature walks, conditioning hikes, day hikes and backpacks on trails where only minimal navigation skills are required.
  • O-1 leaders may lead day hikes and car camping trips on class 1 terrain (walking or hiking on trails or roads).
  • O-2 leaders may lead overnight backpacks on class 1 terrain.  
  • Learn about the O Rating.
[I-level]  outings require navigation skills for significant off-trail travel, which may include class 2 terrain (occasional use of hands for balance). 
Advanced Ratings:
[M-level] outings include skills for class 3 rock climbs (frequent use of hands for upward progress) and moderate snow climbs, which may require use of an ice axe, as well as navigation skills.
  • M-Rock leaders may lead class 3 rock climbs but not moderate snow climbs.
  • M-Snow leaders may lead moderate snow climbs but not class 3 rock climbs.
  • Full M leaders may lead both class 3 rock climbs and moderate snow climbs.
[E-level] outings add skills for leading class 4 rock (consistent use of hands for upward progress and more exposure to falling) with a rope, anchors, protection and belays; steep snow climbs that require the use of an ice axe and crampons and may require roped travel and belays; and advanced navigation, which may require the use of an altimeter.
  • E-Rock leaders may lead class 4 rock climbs but not steep snow climbs.
  • E-Snow leaders may lead steep snow climbs but not class 4 rock climbs.
  • Full E leaders may lead both class 4 rock climbs and steep snow climbs.
  • Learn about the Advanced Ratings and M-E Requirements.
Note that a few Angeles Chapter entities offer outings rated T for technical. These outings require specialized skills and leaders of these trips are approved by the entity to lead the technical aspect of the outing in addition to having an appropriate leader rating granted by the Angeles Chapter Safety Committee.  Examples include sailing and ski mountaineering.