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Find all your current Waivers, Safety Plans, Medical Forms and more right here.  New O and I Level Self Evaluation forms are now available.  Remember to check whether your trip requires medical forms.  LTC requires all leader candidates to complete the Trip Plan/Safety Management plan for their provisional(s).  

WAIVER / SIGN-IN SHEET: Sign-In Sheet / Waiver for all outings. PDF only. All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a liability waiver. Let your participants know before they join your outing. Include this in your write-up; they can read a copy of the waiver prior to the outing. The waiver is also built-in to Campfire Events if you choose to use the RSVP (registration) function. To use the fillable function of a PDF, install the free Acrobat Reader on your computer or device. Note that this form includes minors: a parent or guardian adult signs for a minor.

INDIVIDUAL Waiver: Participation Agreement for when sign-in sheets are not to be used. Signature is on Page 2. Same instructions about minors.

OUTINGS HEALTH PROCEDURES as of February 22, 2023: Outings Communicable Disease/Health Policy (Google document and pdf) includes COVID and communicable diseases guidance. Replaces the prior COVID “Reopening” docs and defines a “new normal” for outings.  See our FAQ page and this Campfire Community COVID Response Update page.

    • Frontcountry is defined as being able to access a medical facility and/or emergency personnel in under 60 minutes (including travel back to the vehicles) or a 911 area. 911 area refers to being able to both call 911 and get the patient definitive care (ambulance/hospital) within an hour.
    • Backcountry is defined as being able to access a medical facility in more than 60 minutes (including travel back to the vehicles).

TRIP PLAN/SAFETY MANAGEMENT PLAN (SMP): (GoogleDoc, PDF, Word, Example Safety Management Plan) is mandatory for "backcountry" or overnight outings; not required for "frontcountry" outings. Send completed form to your Outings Chair, entity designee, or upload it to Campfire Events as part of approval. The Safety Plan can be a standard geographical plan for a location visited often and is recommended for all trips.

MEDICAL FORMSLocal Outings Medical Form is mandatory for "backcountry" or overnight outings; it is not required for "frontcountry" outings. Refer to this Medical Form Guide for suggested use of the form. An online version that works within Campfire Events is available for ICO trips and overnights (as of June 2022).

Medical Forms and SMPs. Confused? See our Decision Tree.

PATIENT FORM and Additional forms:

ICO and Enduring waiver folks, see your own guidelines. WTC LEADERS! Get your Course outings files directly from WTC, not here; the waiver/sign-in sheet found on this Forms page is for NON-Course outings aka hikes and experience trips.


National Program Safety has asked all Sierra Club entities to use the online platform to report incidents. See our Incident Reporting page for more details.  

Provisional Leader Evaluation Forms

O and I-level Candidates. Now use the same forms.  

  • NEW! O and I Level Provisional Assistant Leader Evaluation Form docx, pdf
  • NEW! O and I Level Provisional Leader Self Evaluation Form docx , pdf 

M/E level Candidates, use these older forms (I candidates see above):

  • M/E Level Provisional Assistant Leader Evaluation Form (not updated) doc, pdf
  • M/E Level Provisional Leader Self Evaluation Form (not updated)  doc pdf

I candidates: for your trip approval forms see our I-Rating page. M & E candidates see Advanced Rating pages,

M and E Level Forms

  • Rock Checkout Form for M- and E-Level  pdf 
  • Snow Checkout Form pdf
  • For M/E only: "I/M/E"-Level Provisional Assistant Leader Evaluation Form doc pdf
  • For M/E only: "I/M/E"-Level Provisional Leader Self Evaluation Form doc pdf
  • *M/E Final Exam (2016 / Rev 2019) doc, pdf
  • Reference: see this sample climbing resume

*Please email your completed M/E exam to

Provisional Lead Committee coordinator:

  • Application for Mountaineering Outing Approval
  • Non-Training Outings doc, pdf
  • Training Outings doc, pdf
  • Participant Medical Form doc, pdf  
  • Incident Report forms - see above

Non-restricted outings: use the standard waiver form: pdf

Minors on Outings

Minors are included as part of the Waiver / Sign-in sheets and individual Participation Agreement above. Policies regarding minors are under review and revisions will come in the future.  The Campfire Community pages on Minors are here:

ICO : please get your forms on this ICO Forms page.

Minors on non-ICO outings are allowed at the discretion of the outing leader(s). Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will sign forms.  The outing leader should be informed and consulted before the outing.

The Sierra Club's internal content is in Campfire Community. For non-ICO trips: Please feel free to use our LTC site to access your waiver forms. We'll be sure that all of the forms are current. 
Questions? LTC Admin Team members at or Safety Committee at  OMC chair or see more contacts on the Management page.