Parks & Permits

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  1. Permits and rules are not just National Parks.  It is all Federal lands, including National Parks, National Forests, National Monuments, National Recreation Areas, BLM Lands, etc. etc. etc.
  2. The standard is that If we are making money on the outing on Federal Lands, then we need to get a Commercial Use Permit.  The price varies from location to location.
  3. If you don’t want to get a permit, then don’t make a profit out of the outing!
  4. The Outings Permit Desk in the Oakland office of the Sierra Club is the place to go to get information.  ADD LINK 
  5. Often, Sierra Club National is going to the same place and they will just add us to the National Permit.
  6. In other cases wHere National is not going, we need to contact the organization in charge of the Federal Lands in question and find out from them if a permit is required (It usually is) and the procedure and costs and we fill out and sign the permit request ourselves.  (National Outings Permit will often help us in this process}.
  7. Copies of the permit must be accessible  at all times while on the Federal Lands.
  8. Leaders must meet the standards (Usually First Aid, and knowledge of “Leave no Trace” Park Rules and Regulations and the Commercial Use Authorization and be at least 18 yrs. of age.
  9. In some of the most popular National Parks, if we book a guide or transportation within the park, the vendor will have the permit and we may not have to.  For example, in Yellowstone, if you use a commercial bus to take you around the park, they will have a permit.  You still cannot lead any hikes or similar led activities without getting a local guide or ranger to lead the activity.  
  10. If a leader is not sure of any portion, always check with the Outings Permit Desk in Oakland for clarification.
  11. Last but not least.  Our role is if we want to do business on federal lands, we follow federal rules.

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