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Seminar Introductory Seminar Schedule and Application 

Announcing Leadership Training Program (LTP) 2024 Seminars 

The Leadership Training Committee  (LTC) is scheduling the first 2024 "hybrid" seminars, all virtual, where candidates learn essentials of Sierra Club Values, Conservation and Safety best leadership practices, group management, trip planning, steps to leadership and a First Aid overview, followed by our legendary scenarios. Because there's an online e-learning component and homework and a pre-exam, you'll want to register enough in advance to guarantee your spot as space is limited.  Later applications may be accepted on a space-available basis but are not guaranteed, so register early. Come learn all about the best leadership practices of our outings program. 

Note: Our Leader's Reference Book (LRB) was revised in 2022 just as National Sierra Club  has launched a new Outings Leadership Training ("OLT)" presenting the latest training on Sierra Club values, commitments, equity and more. Angeles is already incorporating these trainings into our own, refining our seminar throughout 2023 and including National's online e-learning.

Take that first step and become a Leader! 

  • See Preparation below for more details and pre-seminar materials
    • NEW! Spring 2024 Seminar #1: Saturday, April 6, 2024. 
    • NEW! Spring 2024 Seminar #2: Saturday, May 11, 2024.
    • Fall Seminars - TBD.
  • Location: Your home and ours, via Zoom
  • Online e-learning approx 3-5 hours on your own time, ahead of the Seminar. You must be a Sierra Club member  - or let us know if not - to access this training. Our Registrar will explain more. 
  • Our Seminar: Approx. 3.5 hour seminar  (8:45 am - approx 12:15 pm) 
  • Cost: $15. Refreshing your rating? No cost, but you must register.

Registration. There are two ways to register. Choose one; no need to do both.

  1. Via mail: Fill out the LTP Application form (yes it is an out of date form, but bear with us) with your name, address including zip, phone number, and preferred email and send it along with a check for $15 made out to Sierra Club.  Mail the application and check to: Pamela Sivula, LTC Registrar at 7304 Beverly Blvd #333, Los Angeles, CA 90036
  2. Electronically (recommended) Email your name, address including zip, phone number, preferred email to LTPSeminarRegistrar@gmail.com (no need to fill out any form), and send the $15 seminar fee via PayPal to LTPSeminarRegistrar@gmail.com (PayPal only, no Zelle, no Venmo.)
  • For more information about registering for a seminar, contact the registrar, Pamela Sivula at  LTPSeminarRegistrar@gmail.com or 213-290-2407 (this is not a phone number for LTC Admin).
  • If you have difficulty becoming a Sierra Club member (which will be required for this seminar), please let us know.


  • Reading: Textbook - The NEW 2022 Leader's Reference Book (LRB), 2022 Edition. Download and Learn about the LRB. 
  • Reading: the Affirmative Standards of Conduct and the Equal Opportunity Policy (EOP) which includes policies on harassment, bullying and discrimination.  (See the LRB page for these documents.)
  • To do: Add your information on our Candidate Information Form. (Registrar sends link when you sign up.) This is how we can track your progress. 
  • To do: The online National OLT accessed via Campfire Learning. Instructions will be sent on how to access.
  • To do: The Pre-Seminar exam, designed to assure LTC that you have a minimum level of familiarity with information contained in the LRB. After receiving your application and registration fee, the LTP Registrar will send you the pre-seminar exam. Turn in your completed exam to the registrar at the seminar or before, as advised by the registrar. 
  • To do: A Trip Planning / Safety Management  (SMP) workshop. You'll receive materials in advance and they will be discussed during the session. Not graded. SMPs are a very useful tool for planning for any emergency.

The Leadership Training Program and Seminar is sponsored by the Chapter's Leadership Training Committee (LTC). See Management for more information about this committee and members.

- See / download the (older) LTC Brochure. (Note some of this is old and that while it may refer to in-person, we are not able to do that for quite awhile.)

Our Outings Program adheres to a Safe Space Agreement.

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