These pages are resources for all Angeles Chapter volunteer leaders, outings leaders, outings chairs, chairs and various group, section, committee and task force members. These pages include training materials on Campfire Events, other databases, as well as tips on creating these events:

  • Activist events
  • Club Support Events
  • Outings
  • Social Events

We continually work to update what Angeles folks need to know about Campfire Events.

Outings Chairs: this area is also for you:  how use the LEADERS database (Soon to be LM2) and another page on Provisionals and Recruiting.

NEW: the database LEADERS is going bye-bye, replaced by Campfire app Leader Management (LM2) by January 17, 2024. 

After you have completed the steps and your activity is published, what's next? Advertising it! 

Who Can Make an Outing Active in Campfire?   Outings Chairs / Campfire-Outings / Outings Leader Management Users (formerly Records Managers).

Campfire Community. A repository of all things Sierra Club. Here is a link to the Outings pages. Want to explore? Haven't registered yet for Campfire Events or Community? You need to have a designated "role" or position in the Sierra Club, e.g. Outings chair for an entity, a leader, chair, treasurer, etc. You can also can reach out to us or to someone through or

Angeles Chapter website - look for the Outdoors pages, About pages and more

Have issues with Campfire or LM2 - Submit a request for Digital Products Support here: