Outings Leadership Training

Outings Leadership Training: OLT

OLT = Outings Leadership Training. No longer OLT101, just OLT.

Rated Leaders must update their knowledge of Club and Chapter Policy through completion of OLT (or equivalent Seminar) within four years prior to the outing. OLT has been revised and new materials have been incorporated into our training. We will always require an understanding of our Chapter ratings and policies.

ANGELES CHAPTER OUTINGS LEADERS: to satisfy the OLT requirement to refresh or renew your understanding of policies you'll need to do ALL items below. Your other option is to take a Seminar.  If your OLT is long expired, please contact LTC Admins as you may need to retake our Seminar.  

  1. Read Part One of the new Leader's Reference Book (LRB), 2022 August Edition. Chapters one through five. See the LRB Page. You can also attend an Angeles Chapter (virtual) Leadership Training Seminar. (Note that same reading and homework is required) Let your outings chair know when you have completed OLT, including how and when you did it. If you don't know who your outings chair is, ask the Leadership Training Committee.
  2. AND.. Read the Safe Space Agreement and supporting documents:  Sierra Club's Outings Programs insist on a Safe Space Agreement among participants, leaders, volunteers, and staff. The Sierra Club adopted an Equal Opportunity Policy (EOP) in 2021, which, along with its Affirmative Standards of Conduct, have come to more firmly align with the Mission and Core Values grounded in equity and inclusion.  The Equal Opportunity Policy replaces the old Policy Preventing Harassment and Bullying (see Archive at bottom). The Safe Spaces Agreement broadly summarizes the Equal Opportunity Policy and Affirmative Standards of Conduct in terms of equity and inclusion.
  3. AND... We advise everyone to understand the forms we use. Look over when to use the Medical Forms and Safety Management Plans on the FORMS page. And be familiar with the online Incident Reporting. 

> Your OLT renewal is good for four years from the date you completed it.


  • OLT = Outings Leadership Training, a National program that Angeles Chapter satisfies with its own program.
  • The LRB = Leader's Reference Book. Covers Chapter and National standards / requirements.

For Outings Chairs

When your leader refreshes their OLT

For OLT updating, see above requirements and note that in Leader Management the old "OLT 101" and “201" are labelled “historical.” Current is just now just  OLT.   See more on our Leader Database page.  If you are updating someone’s OLT: for Certifying Organization, please write "LRB + materials."  LTC will note attendance at a seminar as "LTC (or LTP) Seminar + (online) OLT." 

About "101" and "OLT201"

There is no longer an OLT101 or OLT201, there is just OLT.  With the launch of Campfire Leader Management, we will cease to track the old OLT201. 

 201 was a prior National Sierra Club training that Angeles leaders automatically attained when they attended and passed our seminar. At the National level, this training was devised to provide leaders with the skills to address issues that may arise on longer duration, more remote outings. Our LTC seminar covers these topics.

Questions? Ask LTC Admin Team members or the Safety Committee