Incident Reporting

Life-threatening incidents/emergencies/fatalities that require rescue or evacuation should be reported immediately by telephone to 1-888-OUTINGS (888-688-4647) or 001-303-281-9914 if calling internationally.

All Sierra Club entities report incidents online using the Outings IncidenForm. Choose Outings from the menu. Link:

- For Angeles Chapter incidents only: Complete the online form and then send / forward the email confirmation ("Thank you for your submission") to the Angeles Chapter Safety Commitee investigator Keith Martin at  and to your Outings Chair and Chair.

- *The Club no longer requires reports of positive COVID tests. Report any instance of a person becoming sick during or after the trip, or testing positive if they voluntarily share that information with you.  Physical and behavioral injuries, illness and first aid administered will be reported as an incident using the online link above.

Sierra Club expects incidents to occur throughout your program and operations. All leaders and volunteers are expected to promptly report incidents in order for us all to learn and to continue to build a culture of safety. An Incident Report must be completed for any occurrence that threatens or causes personal or organizational loss including physical, emotional or property damage. Sierra Club also encourages the reporting of Near Misses where there was no loss or damage, but given a slight shift in time or position, damage or injury could have occurred.

The Incident Report provides Sierra Club and our Safety Committee with information needed to monitor and learn from incidents throughout the outings programs and to determine whether additional investigation is required. Trip leaders are responsible for reporting all incidents and illnesses immediately after the outing using the Incident Report Form. Failure to report incidents may jeopardize the leader and the Club. During the time of the incident, use the paper form for field notes and use the Patient Report or similar medical field assessment form. 

When in Doubt, Fill it Out

There is no longer a distinction between what is reported to National and what is reported to the Chapter. All reports go through the online platform. The Angeles Chapter receives the reports and can assess any need for further investgation. Download both the new paper version of the Online Incident Report to carry with you in the field for notes and the Patient Report from the Forms page. An updated Incident Reporting FAQ is in development. 

Incident Report must be filed for:

  • A fatality.
  • Any incident that requires search, rescue or evacuation.
  • Any injury that requires advanced first aid. Ask us if you dont knowwhat this is, or better yet, just file.
  • Any injury or illness that could have future complications or require medical attention after the outing (i.e. animal bite, severe sprain).
  • Any act of suspected sexual harassment or child abuse.
  • Any act that violates the law.
  • Any act that results in property damage that could result in a claim.
  • "Any illness that triggers precautions, requires medical attention, or could have future complications, should be reported as an incident."

Additional requirements: Any other incident that compromises the outing's objective for all or some participants, including:

  • lost person(s)
  • altitude sickness or heat illness
  • a problem participant
  • recurrence of a prior condition such as someone with a prior injury, heart or respiratory condition,

An Incident Report does not need to be filed for minor injuries such as scratches and blisters, or other personal illnesses that will not likely have future complications even if the illness causes the person to leave the trip (exceptions for WTC and ICO and a situation involving any likelihood of the person not finding their way back to a trailhead).  

*See COVID note at top. Testing is no longer required.  Report any instance of a person becoming sick during or after the trip, or testing positive if they share that information with you .  

***WTC LEADERS: See your Staff Guide and website for more detail on reporting and why. Contact your area chair, WTC Chair or WTC outings chairs if you need help. When you fill it out and receive a "Thank you" confirmation email from the system, please forward that email to the Safety investigator and the WTC Chair and other names as in your Guide. 

Reporting Incidents: Contacts

The online reporting system automatically alerts Program Safety. You may be asked to upload or mail waivers and patient forms (if applicable). Remember that if the incident is serious (see above), e.g. involves evacuation or a fatality, you must call 1-888-OUTINGS.

The National mailing address is:  Sierra Club Outings, 2101 Webster St, Suite 1300, Oakland CA 94612 .Email:   or Fax to (415) 977-5795 

Take a look at the Campfire Commmunity page on Incident Reporting


Angeles Chapter and Entity (Group / Section, etc.)

Forward the confirmation email that the system will send you to Angeles Chapter's investigator and to your outings chair and chair.  If you find you cannot access the online platform, ask us and/or at least use the new paper form and email that with any additional details to:

    • Angeles Chapter Safety Committee: Keith Martin  If mailing any hard copies that may be asked for, send to Keith's address: P.O. Box 336, Groveland, CA 95321  310-683-9224
    • Angeles Chapter Outings Mgmt Committee:
    • Chair of the sponsoring Group, Section, Committee
    • Outings Chair of the sponsoring Group, Section, Committee

Chapter office address: 3250 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 1106, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Safety Committee general email:

Leadership Training Admins: