About The Leader's Reference Book (LRB)

The Angeles Chapter's LRB is in two parts and is essential reading for Candidates and Rated Leaders and Outings Chairs when refreshing their OLT knowledge. See Contents below.

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NEW! The August 2022 Leader’s Reference Book, Part One is here!

The new 2022 Leader’s Reference Book, Part One, replaces our 2019 edition of the Leader’s Reference Book. The August 2022 edition (Part One, Chapters one through five) is a more recent update since its last 2019 edition. This update of Part One was needed to help Sierra Club outings leaders (candidates and rated) better understand how to lead safe and fun trips while inspiring their participants to become more involved in protecting their environment. The remaining chapters six through eight make up Part Two.

  • CANDIDATES: The new 2022 Leader’s Reference Book (LRB) includes new materials and concepts via National Outings Leadership Training, including Participants, Trip Planning & Safety Management Plans. It also includes excerpts from the 2021 Sierra Club Affirmative Standards of Conduct, the NEW Equal Opportunity Policy (how issues are handled), a document on inappropriate behaviors, and more. Candidates are also supposed to read the LRB Part Two.

  • RATED LEADERS: Read the Leader’s Reference Book Part One to refresh your Outings Leadership Training. For now, there no test; tell us. You'll also want to stay connected with these pages here: Forms and Incident Reporting. You may also gain more insight by attending a Seminar. Just let your outings chair or us know when you are done and we can update your record. See Contacts under the Safety & Management tab. Good for four years.

  • We expect all candidates and rated leaders alike to read the Rules of Conduct, which incorporates the Safe Space Agreement

Angeles Chapter leaders and candidates: If you have taken the National Outings Leadership Training (OLT), you will need to read this Leaders Reference Book (LRB), Part One. Candidates also read Part Two. 


August 2022 UPDATED VERSION. Chapters 1-5  LRB2022 PART ONE with hyperlinks in table of contents.  

  • Chapter. 1: Leadership Training Program, the nuts and bolts. See Leadership Training Program on this site. The program and leader standards remain the same for our leaders. 
  • Chapter. 2: 2 Sections: 1) Sierra Club Values and History and 2) Conservation Connections. Discusses current conservation priorities, our 2030 Strategic Vision, Conservation and Outings Leadership, Wilderness Ethics. 
  • Chapter 3: Outings Policies and General Safety. Includes updated safety items to reflect current National and Chapter policies and includes an expanded section on harassment, discrimination, and bullying and handling conflicts and complaints. Also see our Angeles Chapter Safety Management Committee page for more information and resources.
  • Chapter 4: Outings Leadership and Emergency Preparedness is presented in five parts. This chapter has undergone the biggest revision. 4A: Leadership Qualities, including Ethical Leadership; 4B: Trip Planning; 4C: Evaluating Participants; 4D: Conducting the Outing; 4E: Risk Management and Emergencies: includes updated checklists for Emergency Response, Trip Planning and a Pre-Trip Briefing / Trailhead Talk. Also see our Trip Planning page for more information and resources. 
  •  Ch. 5: First Aid Considerations. Revisions from Steve Schuster, First Aid Chair; Includes a valuable Wilderness Response checklist and much more.  Also see our First Aid page for more information and courses.

Chapters 6-8 LRB2019 PART TWO no hyperlinks, older format; no changes.

  • Ch. 6: Navigation (see also appendices at end). Same as 18th edition.
  • Ch. 7: Rock. Same as18th edition.
  • Ch. 8: Snow. Same as18th edition.

Appendices and Bibliography from 18th edition. All forms are available on this website (see Forms).

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About the LRB: Whether you are a new candidate or an experienced leader, the Leader's Reference Book (LRB) is a comprehensive guide to leading for the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter. As an integral part of the Chapter's Leadership Training Program, the LRB describes the program and the steps to leadership at the O, I, M and E levels - and much more. This revised two-part book stands alongside a lot of other instructional books and courses on outdoor recreation, navigation, first aid, and common sense leadership skills. The LRB provides information on organizing and trip planning, managing the outing once you are out in the field, and the essential safety and rules of conduct policies you'll need as you move forward towards leadership. The first edition was compiled in 1973, followed by many others over the years since then with a succession of editors. The last printed edition was 2015, the 18th edition.  In 2019, we changed to a Word doc and pdf format that has allowed us more flexibility and so we now have our 2022 Edition. We expect some changes possibly in 2023 which can address updates as we align with National OLT.

2022 Editors: Jane Simpson, LTC Co-Chair/ Webmaster and Laura Rainey, LTC Co-Webmaster. Contributors to 2022 edition: Tom McDonnell (Chapter 3) and Steve Schuster (Chapter 5).

 The version posted here may have minor corrections over the next few months/

Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter
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phone: 213-387-4287
The National Sierra Club office
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Outings emergency hotline / reporting incidents see Incident Reporting
1-888-OUTINGS  (1-888-688-4647)
Reminder: First Aid expiration: A leader must be current in a qualifying first aid course when leading an outing . Current means that your FA / CPR / WFA card is not expired, typically, within two-three years of when you took the course and is determined by the provider. See First Aid for more information.
Archive: prior Sierra Club Policy Preventing Harassment and Bullying.  This are replaced by the Equal Opportunity Policy above.
Contacts: see Management page.

Additional Reading

Sierra Club's Outings Programs insist on a Safe Space Agreement among participants, leaders, volunteers, and staff. We want to support everyone in exploring, enjoying, and protecting these phenomenal spaces, and hateful and dangerous behavior will not be tolerated. We don't want to deny participation in these outdoor programs and we will always say no to racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, impairment, and disruption. The Equal Opportunity Policy clearly outlines the expectations of those wishing to support the Outdoor Activities mission.  

Sierra Club Outings does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. Note that the 2022 Leader's Reference Book (LRB) contains a longer definition of harassment.  

The Outdoors For All Theory of Change is a basis for changes we see in the new OLT of 2022.