Angeles Chapter Safety Committee

The Chapter Safety Committee reviews and approves outings procedures established by Groups, Sections and Committees and Task Forces (GSCs); monitors Campfire Events and Chapter schedules and newsletters and other GSC outlets to ensure that leaders are qualified and outings are appropriate; investigates outing incidents and some complaints from participants; and grants ratings to leaders. For more on managing our outings program, including contacts for Leadership Training and Outings Management committees please see our Management page.

The Chapter Safety Committee Members & Contacts

Safety Committee email:
Safety Chair:  Jim Hagar
Safety / Incidents Reviewer: Keith Martin
Safety / Ratings: Tom McDonnell
Database: Paul Garry
Ex officio members:
OMC (Outings Management Committee) co-Chairs: Emmy Goldknopf and Tejinder Dhillon
LTC (Leadership Training Committee) co-Chairs: Adrienne Benedict and Jane Simpson
Safety Reviewers (members): 
Jim Hagar
Jose Mendez
Robert Myers
Ron Campbell


  • Campfire Community website: Anyone who is a volunteer leader with a role in the Club, e.g., starting with "Leader Trainee," can have access.  Here is the link to the Community section on Outings Resources.

  • See also see Resources and Campfire Events pages on our own site.
National Sierra Club office: 2101 Webster St Suite 1300 / Oakland, CA 94612 / Main phone: 415-977-5500  / Phone for emergencies: 1-888-Outings (888-688-4647)
Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter: 3250 Wilshire Blvd. #1106 /  Los Angeles, CA 90010 / 213-387-4287

Angeles Chapter Safety Policy

 Approved by ExCom JULY 2020: Available in Word or PDF 

Chapter Safety Reports


 2020-21 Safety Committee Report: 2020-21pdf

2019 Safety Committee Report: 2019pdf

2018 Safety Committee Report: 2018pdf

2017 Safety Committee Report: 2017pdf

2016 Safety Committee Report: 2016pdf

2015 Safety Committee Report: 2015pdf

2014 Safety Committee Report: 2014pdf 

2013 Safety Committee Report: 2013pdf