Fundraising Outings


Welcome to the World of Fundraising Outings and Events

Most of the thousands of hikes and events we provide are free, but it takes thousands of dollars to support our Chapter and entities and hundreds of hours of volunteer time. Travel adventures in the U.S. or overseas, local BBQ's, picnics and walking tours are all great ways to raise funds for your entity and the Chapter -- and have fun at the same time. Here's how to get started:

You have a Fundraising Outing or event IDEA!  What’s next?

  • Social events only require organizers to have Sierra Club membership..
  • Outings require the appropriate Angeles Chapter leadership ratings and qualifications.

You will need an Angeles Chapter Primary Sponsoring entity.

  • Contact your sponsoring entity Chair or Outings Chair with your proposal.  You will need a draft event write up, qualified leaders, event financial budget and a plan.  Event could be anything from a single day fundraising event, bus or airline multi day trips to International trips.
  • If event fee is $50 or more, the sponsoring entity will need a Seller of Travel bank account
  • If under $50, entity may use their general bank account
  • Ask to see your sponsoring entities written Financial Policy and Procedures, if they have one.  This is totally up to the entity, but you do need to know what kind of financial arrangements the entity requires.
  • Discuss with your entity what contracts for the event or trip are required, are there any financial risks or non refundable deposits

After these initial details are worked out, now is the time to finalize the details.

  • Time to post your event online and obtain Safety Approval
  • Begin publicizing, prepare flyers and contact lists
  • Complete contracts, if any.
  • Prepare a schedule of due dates and amounts due, work with the entity treasurer.   Work out your Drop Dead date.  At what point is the trip a go or a no go?
  • Prepare information that is to be sent to participants:  itinerary, deposit, cancelation policy, waiver, medical form.
  • fPrepare a spreadsheet with participant information:  date, name, contact info, Sierra Club #, e mail anything else that you require.
  • These bullets are not in order, you are probably working on everything at once!

Getting Ready

  • Trip or Event is published.  You are receiving inquiries.  Checks are coming in.
  • Send out the Reservation Acknowledgement to participants and deposit checks in accordance with entity guidelines.
  • The time has arrived when all the final deposits are due.
  • At some point send out your final Trip Letter instructions to your participants.

The Day has Arrived!View of Glacier from boat

  • Whether this is a one day event or multi day International trip, make lists of what you need to take to the event.  Make sure your assistants or co leaders have all their instructions.
  • Have fun!!

Wrap up

  • After the event, prepare a Final Event Financial Report, include any receipts for reimbursement and send out any refunds due to participants if needed.
  • Send your waivers to the sponsoring entity Outings Chair

Some leaders organize airline flights, this is tricky and risky but can be done. 

  • Be sure travel agent has a California Seller of Travel #
  • Be sure to list the Angeles Chapter’s CST 2087766-40 on your flyers, itineraries and websites.


Several entities have been sponsoring fundraising outings for years. Most are listed under our Travel Adventures banner. Places range from U.S. parks to international destinations.

Contact  Donna Specht - Fundraising and International Trips Liaison