Politics - 2016 November Election

Endorsements for the 2016 November Election

Sierra Club Voter Guide

Below you'll find the Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter endorsements for federal, state, and local candidates and ballot measures in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

For more information on U.S. Elections see the Sierra Club Voter Guide (for the Presidency and the U.S. House and Senate).

For more about local candidate endorsements in pdf format, see the Chapter's Election Insights Newsletter.


Vice President 

U.S. Senate

U.S. Congress 

State Propositions

California State Legislature

Santa Clara County City Councils

San Mateo County City Councils


County Ballot Measures

  • Santa Clara County Measure A ($950 Million Affordable Housing Bonds): YES
  • Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Measure B (30 year sales tax extension): NO
  • San Mateo County Measure K  (Sales tax extension benefiting Parks & Affordable Housing): YES

City Ballot Measures

  • Pacifica Measure W (Quarry Development Entitlement) : NO
  • Cupertino Measure D (Vallco Specific Plan) : NO
  • Gilroy Measure H (Setting Urban Boundary) : YES
  • Milpitas Measure I (Prolonging Urban Boundary Ordinance) : YES
  • Milpitas Measure J (Prolonging Hillside Ordinance) : YES
  • Milpitas Measure K (Require 2/3 Vote to Rezone Parks) : YES
  • Santa Clara Measure R (Require 2/3 Vote to Sell or Lease Open Space & Parks) : YES 

Special District Boards/Councils

For more about local candidate endorsements in pdf format, see the Chapter's Election Insights Newsletter.

Thanks to all of our Political Endorsement Volunteers.  Get involved!


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