Bay Alive Advocacy Campaigns

Major Local Advocacy Campaigns:

Ravenswood Business District Specific Plan Update
East Palo Alto

The City of East Palo Alto last year kicked off planning to add 4.15 million square feet of new office space to the Ravenswood Business District/4 Corners area, nearly quadrupling the office space currently allowed; Mayor Romero likened that to adding NINE Transamerica buildings.

For this small (2.4 square mile) city, that expansion would have caused tremendous local impacts on traffic, put at least 25 percent of residents at risk of displacement, and installed massive, eight-story buildings directly abutting the Bay Trail and East Palo Alto’s wetlands, putting critical wetland ecosystems at risk. In November 2021, they scaled back the plan to not exceed 3.35 million square feet, but significant concerns remain.

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Moffett Park Specific Plan Update

Final Specific Plan Adopted 2023: Environmental Wins in Sunnyvale’s Moffett Park Specific Plan (MPSP).

Sunnyvale envisions Moffett Park as a new “Eco-Innovation” district, presenting an opportunity for transformative planning to create a future mixed-use district that is resilient, biodiverse, sustainable, and livable. The proposed land use map lays out office, housing, industrial and mixed-use activity zones, but that’s as far as it goes. Putting the “ecology” into “Eco-innovation,” will require dedicated spaces and specific, dependable commitments to ensure flood resilience, biodiversity, sustainability and livability.

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Additional Advocacy: 

In addition to our Main Campaigns, we’re involved in many cities on a variety of different initiatives. Click here to learn more. 

Click here to see videos explaining Bay-related topics such how nature-based solutions can protect us from sea level rise. 

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