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We are looking for volunteers to get involved with the political committee for both short-term and long-term projects. Below is a list of projects we need help with. If you are interested in helping, contact our Political Committee Chair at Political*lomaprieta.sierraclub.org (change * to @).

If you do nothing else today click here and register so your voice can be heard. Voting is not only a basic right, but also a civic duty. When you vote you are helping to shape the future of your community, your county, your state, and our nation. 

Short-term volunteer opportunities

  • Spreadsheet Maker: We need a volunteer willing to invest 4-12 hrs to bring two endorsement tracking spreadsheets up to date: 1) Political Committee Volunteer Tracker and 2) Who we have endorsed from 2006-2012 so chapter volunteers and members know which elected officials we have endorsed.
  • Endorsement Team Volunteer: Participating in the biannual endorsement process be joining one of our endorsement teams. Our endorsement team are most active twice a year, for the primaries (June) elections in March, and the General elections in late August. We do endorsement for as many public offices as we have volunteers to support ranging from city council, to county boards, to state assembly and Senate, and US congressional elections. Advancing the club's conservation agenda through regular communication meetings with local, state, and national legislators.

Ongoing volunteer opportunities

  • Secretary: This is a critical function that helps the Political Committee keep track of members of endorsement teams and ensuring that we stay on our timelines (dictated by election cycles). Must have computer access but can conference call into meetings so need not drive to Chapter offices for meetings. Time commitment, one 90-minute meeting a month and maybe an hour more to complete minutes and post to listserve. 
  • Call Decision Makers: We are looking for volunteers willing to be armchair activists and participate in our phone calling to elected officials program (SCCAN = Sierra Club California Activist Network). If you are interested calling our elected officials once or twice a month when we have an urgent need to let them know how the Sierra club would like them to vote, this is a program where we could really use your support. We want to have a team of 3-4 people willing to call each of our elected officials when we need to urge them to vote in support of Sierra Club positions. We can provide scripts and talking points to use during the calls and initial training.
  • Write Letters to the Editor: We are looking for volunteers willing to be armchair activists willing to write letters to the Editor of local newspapers when we want to make the public more aware of a local issue, or to refute editorials which do not align with the Sierra Club positions. 1 or 2 letters a month would be great. We can provide training on how to write effective letters.
  • Organize a Newly Elected Official Environmental Forum: We want to host a 3-hour review of local environmental issues for newly elected officials and for potential candidates. This person would help make room arrangements, develop invitation to elected officials, invite and register elected officials, help organize facility for the Forum. Time commitment: 10 hours. Desired skills: ability to organize a meeting, web research for elected official contact information, writing skills, friendly attitude and ability to work with all types of elected officials. Students are welcome and the Chapter is happy to provide written recommendation for school credit.
  • Get Involved with the Move to Amend Campaign. Details Here.

"...It may be noble, but political activism is hardly a barrel of laughs.  And yet it makes you happier.  So find two university psychologists in new research that looks for the first time at the link between political activity and well-being.  Malte Klar and Tim Kasser started by interviewing two sets of around 350 college students, both about thier degree of political engagement and their levels of happiness and optimism.  Both times, they found that those most inclined to go on a demo were also the cheeriest".  (Aditya Chakrabortty, guardian.co.uk)

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