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See Level Rise - Why we need Nature-Based Adaptation

Sea Level Rise Webinar Series: Why We Need Nature-Based Adaptation

San Francisco Bay is a living eco-system at risk from sea level rise. Nature-based adaptations are key to preserving a living shoreline for the Bay. Six panels of experts help us understand what nature based solutions are, when and where they are appropriate, and how to fund these natural systems.

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Light at night



San Jose at night, from Mt. Hamilton; Image: Keith Wandry

The use of LED technology and energy saving lighting fixtures are bringing with them an unintended, yet pervasive and harmful effect: the over-lighting of our nights. On November 16, the Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter,  the Sierra Club Bay Alive Campaign and the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society presented a symposium to focus on the biological and physical effects of lighting up the night and to provide strategies that guard our health and environment while providing safe and practical lighting solutions.

Attendees, included elected officials, government representatives, professionals and members of the public. More than 600 people registered for our symposium to learn about the devastating impacts of  light at night on birds, wildlife, and our ecosystems from presentations by national experts.

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Bio-Safety Webinar Banner

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Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar! This presentation is a guide for municipal leaders and communities to better understand the Life Sciences and biotechnology industry, how these facilities operate, and what leaders can do to protect their communities should they decide to allow biotech developments. 


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King Tides



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