30x30 responds directly to Governor Newsom’s nature-based solutions Executive Order N-82-20, which aims to accelerate conservation of California’s lands and coastal waters through voluntary, collaborative action with federal and local governments, Native American Tribes, and private landowners.

California poppies with Bay in background
California’s 30x30 initiative is part of an international movement to protect nature across the planet, which includes a group of countries that have adopted 30x30 targets.
In our Loma Prieta Chapter 30x30 allows for conservation and rewilding of critical habitat and corridors like Coyote Valley in San Jose.

Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter 30 x 30 Principles

  • Ensure financial, social, and civic decisions are conductive to the conservation and equitable expansion and movement of biodiversity and ecosystem services and elevate the rights of nature. 
  • Allow movement of species like the monarchs across vast landscapes and watersheds.
  • Pathways to preserving biodiversity must be developed through long term exchange, partnership, and cooperation with stakeholders. 
  • Include social justice movements and solidarity with their concerns when building public lands and corridors.
  • Include individuals and communities in the decision making and stewardship of public lands, waters, and wildlife.
  • Include tribal nations and indigenous peoples historic self determination and rights to free and prior informed consent when making landscape decisions

Shorebirds on the Bay wetlands

Call To Action

30 x 30 meetings with local City/County electeds in San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Benito Counties, will be a priority for 2023. The 30 x 30 campaign asks you to join a team of chapter members, including constituents, that want to work on this.This would be an opportunity to build your leadership skills and continue with the 30 x 30 campaign if you so desire. 

If you would like to get involved overall with the electeds outreach project, please send your email and phone number to Mary Buxton, SCLP 30 x 30 Task Force Coordinator, at mary.buxton at gmail.com
You will be notified when meetings are scheduled. There would be a prep meeting to assign roles for the volunteers prior to each meeting with an elected official. 

External Resources

California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA)

The public can visit a new website www.CaliforniaNature.ca.gov. To sign-up for email updates, email CaliforniaNature@resources.ca.gov with “NBS” in the subject line.

The California Department of Natural Resources is holding a series of stakeholder workshops on the 30x30 project.  They are seeking community input. Visit Expanding Nature-Based Solutions for more information or to sign up for a workshop.

Pathways to 30x30

Sierra Club Resources

Sierra Club California 30 x 30 webpage

Sierra Club National 30 x 30 Webpage

Social media - 30 x 30 Local Conservation Priority Snapshot - Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter - September, 2022 -


Monarch Butterfly pollinating