Loma Prieta Chapter Governance

The Executive Committee

The ExCom (executive committee) is the body which is responsible for managing the activities of the Loma Prieta Chapter.  We develop local policies (subject to those that exist at the National level), provide guidelines, manage local staff, develop fundraising plans, and in general ensure that the Chapter operates for the benefit of the National Club and the local environment. 

The ExCom’s mission statement is: “The Loma Prieta Chapter Executive Committee seeks to organize, empower and inspire our leaders and members to achieve the Sierra Club’s mission through activism and civic engagement. We are responsible for overseeing the management and financial sustainability of our chapter and assuring a structure that supports the development and success of our grassroots leaders.

Chapter Support Committees

There are a number of committees and individuals that are appointed by the Executive Committee to assist in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of managing the Chapter’s activities. These range from fundraising activities to engaging volunteers to liaisons with other entities.