Hiker's Hut

The Ollie Mayer Hiker’s Hut is open after successful repairs to both decks. We are currently accepting reservations for summer and fall, on a monthly basis. Reservations for the Hut are accepted up to three calendar months in advance only. (For example, reservations for any of the dates in the month of August will become available starting June 1st.) Reservations are accepted on a first request basis. Email your reservation request, along with your phone number and how many guests you will have to: olliemayerhikershut@gmail.com 

As the Covid mandates have been reduced in our county, we no longer require proof of vaccination to stay at the Hut. However, since many of our guests are children and senior citizens, and the latest variant shows signs of infection in as little as three days, we respectfully ask that our guests be vaccinated.

We are open at a lower capacity than previously (due to the aging infrastructure of the Hut). We have a two-night (three day) maximum per group, five days a week, with rest days in between, and no more than 8 visitors at a time. Please note that we do give priority to Youth and Sierra Club groups.



If you have any questions, please email us at: olliemayerhikershut@gmail.com


The Sierra Club Ollie Mayer Hiker's Hut

The Sierra Club Ollie Mayer Hiker's Hut, located near the south-eastern end of Sam McDonald Park, is open to the public and can hold up to 8 people including children. Youth and family groups are especially welcome.  The Hiker's Hut in the lower right portion of the map

Families enjoy the easy access, creature comforts and natural beauty of the hut. It is a great way to introduce young people and the uninitiated to our local environment. 

It is about a 1.7-mile hike on a rolling dirt road from the County Park parking to the Hikers Hut. A wagon or bike trailer could be useful.

Hiker's Hut Front Porch
Hiker's Hut exterior


Hiker's Hut Information

The Hikers' Hut is a special place. It was constructed in 1977 from a kit. It is a modest cabin focused on its beautiful surroundings.


The Hiker's Hut provides visitors with all the amenities: bathrooms, complete kitchen, wood stove and great views. There are no showers, and water must be used sparingly. No candles and no smoking.

Learn more about why this hut is dedicated to Ollie Mayer here.

Learn more here about Sam McDonald, who's legacy lives on in Sam McDonald Park.






Hiker's Hut Interior
Hiker's Hut interior

 It is very important that the Hut is left in good condition for the next group. If you find it otherwise, please clean it up and report it on the form provided at the Hut. 

The deck of the Hut has a large picnic table but no sleeping is allowed on the deck. There are also several well-marked hiking trails in the area. 


Sierra Club Members:

$25 per person on Friday, Saturday, and holidays.

$20 per person per night for Sunday through Thursday. 

Loma Prieta Outing Section Groups: $15 per person per night. 

General Public:

$30 per person per night on Friday, Saturday, and holidays.

$25 per person per night for Sunday through Thursday. 

Youth based non-profit groups: $10.00 per person per night.


Children: aged 2 to 10: $10 per child per night. Children under 2 are free. 



THE PARK CHARGES A PARKING FEE of $6.00 per night for each car at the parking lot.  NOTE: Rangers will give tickets for non-payment.



Reservations: Click here to see the Calendar

Reservations are accepted only for three calendar months. For example, reservations for any of the dates in the month of August will become available starting June 1st. Reservations are accepted on a first request basis.

Email your reservation request, along with your phone number and how many guests you will have to: olliemayerhikershut@gmail.com 


What to Bring:

  • Food, prepared mostly at home for the trip. There is no oven, and the electric stove should be used conservatively.
  • Plastic garbage bags for carrying out trash - you must remove all your trash
  • Dish towels and wash cloth; Newspaper — enough to start a fire
  • Sleeping bags, personal items, and weather appropriate clothing
  • toilet paper and paper towels for backup

What is Provided:

  • Electric lights
  • Tiny refrigerator
  • Wood burning stove (cut wood is available)
  • Microwave oven 
  • Mattress pads — about 2" thick — for your sleeping bag
  • Electric stove, pots, pans, dishes, eating utensils, & dishwashing materials
  • Water-limited — for drinking, cooking, dish-washing. No bathing or showers
  • Toilet paper, paper towels (always good to bring backup though)
  • Trail maps of the area

Rules of the Hut: Your group leader is responsible for making sure the rules of the Hut are followed.

  • You have to get to the Hut under your own power. You cannot drive any motor vehicle. You must park your car at in the Sam McDonald Parking lot and pay the $6.00 per vehicle fee.
  • The earliest time you can check-in is  1 P.M.  Please leave the Hut by no later than 12 P.M.
  • Alcoholic beverages, smoking, candles, and illegal drugs are prohibited.
  • Any use of candles or smoking will result in no more visits for your group.
  • Radios, pets, and firearms are prohibited.
  • Never stack firewood inside the Hut for any reason. Only bring in enough wood for the fire you are using in the fireplace. Help discourage creation of mouse habitat inside the Hut.
  • Fires are not permitted anywhere in the Park except in Park constructed pits near the parking lot as well as in the Hut's wood burning stove. Do not bring portable barbecues or backpacker types stoves. They are NOT permitted. Fire hazard is high, especially summer through autumn.
  • The cutting and gathering of wood is prohibited and strictly controlled by Park Rangers.
  • Trip leaders and Park Rangers can expel anyone not conforming to reasonable standards of behavior.
  • All park regulations shall apply to the persons using the Hut, and the Park Rangers shall be permitted access to the Hut at all times and have the ability to enforce these regulations.
  • You are liable for any damage to the Hut and its surroundings. Take good care of the Hut; it belongs to all of us.

Driving Directions from I-280 at Woodside Road

  • Head southwest on Woodside Rd toward Hobart Heights Rd (1.3 miles)
  • Slight right at La Honda (10.1 miles)
  • Turn left at Pescadero Rd (1.1 miles)
  • Slight right to stay on Pescadero Rd to the Sam MacDonald Park entrance
  • Total distance: 15.1 mi — about 30 min