The Pacifica Team strives to be a city-based educator, advocate, collaborator to City officials on plans affecting the fragile coast and hillsides. This can be achieved through close scrutiny of official planning documents, providing public comment, joining forces with like-minded organizations (e.g. One Shoreline,, Fossil Free CA). Promoting nature-based and long-term solutions will be a guiding principle.


The Pacifica Team engages with local leaders (elected and volunteer), community members, public agency staff on matters involving land use and environmental justice. Team members advocate for Sierra Club priorities as they apply to Pacifica, partnering with other organizations as appropriate. Work towards incorporating sound planning principles into official city plans, including General Plan, specific plans, Climate Action Plan, and capital plans.

Pending city projects

  • 570 Crespi Ave proposed development—project has been appealed. We will advocate for wetlands protection, conservation easement, smarter use of the site.
  • Beach Blvd Infrastructure Resiliency Project—pursue alternative designs to current seawall
  • Esplanade Beach project—reconsider design solution involving more revetment on beach and no beach access
  • San Pedro Mountain projects
  • Climate Action Plan update
  • Reach codes update (CC approved first reading on Nov 14)
  • Infrastructure planning, i.e., pump stations
  • Vision 2025

Other groups active in Pacifica

  • Pacific Beach Coalition
  • Pacifica Land Trust
  • CPUP (Coalition of Pacificans for an Updated Urban Plan)
  • Pacifica Climate Committee (part of Pacifica Progressive Alliance)
  • One Shoreline
  • Greenbelt Alliance
  • Fossil Free CA
  • Tree City Pacifica