Forest Protection Committee

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Forests are often called the lungs of the earth. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.  In doing so, they sequester carbon keeping it safely out of the atmosphere, help regulate worldwide climate and enable the existence of other life forms, including ourselves.  Forests also filter water, create precipitation, support soil health and stability, provide habitat and promote biodiversity.  They provide raw materials for wood products, and abundant recreation opportunities.  They inspire with their beauty and grandeur and have immense cultural significance to many Native American tribes.

Egregious forest management and logging practices are devastating intact forestlands worldwide.  These practices are contributing to climate change, degraded water supplies and soil, a decrease in biodiversity, and an increase in frequency and severity of wildfires. Let's do something about it!

Who We Are

The Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter Forest Protection Committee (LPFPC) believes that our forests need protection more than ever.   Our team monitors forest management projects and timber harvest plans within the range of the Chapter and provides comments and recommendations to help ensure these projects are performed in an environmentally responsible manner.  We attend local FireSafe meetings, meet with our local, state and federal legislators, and educate the public about important forest and wildfire safety issues through letters to the editor, opinion pieces and promotion of StopClearcuttingCA’s Forest Protection Forum

Our deep love for forests and an appreciation of their importance to the well-being of the planet motivates us to take action to protect them.  We strive to educate ourselves, other chapter members, the public, and local politicians about the environmental value of forests and the issues that threaten them. Relying on the best available science to inform our views, we promote healthier forest management practices. 

Our virtual Zoom meetings take place 
on the 4th Thursday of the month from 4pm to 6pm

Committee chairperson:  Karen Maki (

Our Mission

To preserve and protect the forests of California in order to mitigate climate change, protect ecosystems, promote biodiversity, and safeguard existing recreational opportunities.  Forests sequester and store carbon, and they support biodiverse native habitats and species, clean water resources, as well as soil health and stability. 

Our tools include education, advocacy, and political action.

 2024 Strategies

Yellow fall colors of big leaf maple
  • Protect forestlands,  forestlands, especially those that are mature or harbor old-growth trees.
  • Educate Loma Prieta Chapter members, the public, local legislators, and ourselves.
  • Encourage home hardening, defensible space, and community preparedness as key wildfire defense tools.
  • Recruit new members and continue impactful monthly Zoom meetings. 

 Learn more about the 2024 committee strategies

 Past Work

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  • Engaged with public officials. 
  • Prepared summaries of talking points about important forest protection issues. 

 Learn more about at some of the work we've done!


Forest Protection Forum

 Next Forum Presentation

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May 20th at 4pm (PST) on Zoom

Dr. J. P. O'Brien, Research Affiliate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, will discuss Jackson Demonstration State Forest: History and Management.

To learn more and register click here.


Allies and Partners

Here are some of our allies and partners: 

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