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  • Concerns over sea barrier grow
    The Daily Journal
    December 28, 2023

    Featuring Gita Dev,  Sierra Club Bay Alive Campaign Vice-Chair and Loma Prieta Chapter Sustainable Land Use Committee Co-Chair

  • Collisions with buildings are killing millions of birds nationwide. A dark-sky movement to save them is sweeping the Bay Area.
    The Mercury News
    December 26, 2023

    Featuring Shani Kleinhaus, Environmental Advocate with Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society and member of Sierra Club Loma Prieta's Executive Committee, and Dashiell Leeds, Loma Prieta's Conservation Coordinator.

  • Drastic flood control plan needs more public scrutiny
    The Daily Journal, Letter to the Editor
    December 21, 2023

    OneShoreline is an intergovernmental agency that creates plans for climate adaptation impacts, and has recently come forward with a sea level rise flood protection plan. Regarding that plan, Sierra Club Bay Alive Campaign Vice-Chair and Loma Prieta Chapter Sustainable Land Use Committee Chair Gita Dev wrote a letter to the editor in the San Mateo Daily Journal.

    “[the plan] proposes a 2.65-mile offshore barrier, with tidal gates, encroaching into the Bay, despite a 50-year old state law forbidding such actions to preserve the Bay’s ecology and reverse damage caused by landfill and garbage dumping.”

  • Bio safety advocates concerned over upcoming lab in Redwood City
    RWC Pulse
    August 28, 2023

    In the face of a rapidly expanding life sciences industry in the Bay Area, Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter’s Bay Advocate Program alumni and active Bay Alive volunteers, Nina and Steve Goodale, are on the front lines of Chapter efforts to raise awareness about associated bio safety risks to our communities and Bay ecosystems. Their efforts are creating results; read their quote in this Redwood City Pulse article! More community members are raising their voices and cities are beginning to take action to manage the risks. Learn more about biosafety and what cities can do to protect their communities.
  • The End: Supervisors Approve Agreement to Close Lehigh Cement Plant
    County of Santa Clara press release
    August 15, 2023

    Includes quote from Loma Prieta Chapter Director.


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