Bay Alive Advocate Program

 Do you care about the San Francisco Bay?

Do you want to become an advocate?

The Sierra Club is here to help.


San Francisco Bay is a vital buffer against climate change impacts and was once a vibrant ecosystem with healthy wetlands teeming with wildlife. Now it is under siege as developers rush to fill our remaining bayshore with offices and housing that will be inundated by rising sea levels. 

The Sierra Club is offering a unique free program to prepare Bay Area members and affiliates for advocacy work that will be needed to save this critical local resource that should be preserved for the health of local residents and wildlife.

With the Bay Advocate Program, you will hear from experts about the history of SF Bay, Bay wildlife and habitats, and nature-based adaptation measures for future sea level rise. You will learn from experienced environmental activists, elected officials and legislators about how to create positive change. In the program's supportive environment, you can learn how to and practice making public comments, social media posts, writing letters to public agencies, and letters to the editor of local media. As an advocate for the Bay, you will build skills and confidence in your ability to influence cities and agencies to adopt policies and regulations to protect and improve the Bay. This is a great way to get your feet wet in advocacy!

Click here to view recordings of the last Program. 

Want to protect the San Francisco Bay but don’t know where to begin?

Learn how to become an effective advocate in our Bay Advocate Program. No experience is required. Resources will be available for experienced advocates as well.

(Video: Desiree Grahn, a former participant of the Bay Advocate Program, shares her thoughts on the program) 


In the course, you will… 


Learn about Bay habitats

Ecological experts will teach you about the beautiful nature of the Bay and how it could be affected by sea level rise. Nature-based solutions exist which can restore habitat and expand wetlands while protecting our communities from sea level rise.


Understand how to navigate local governments and agencies to achieve solutions. 

Fortunately, you don’t need experience or expertise to have a positive impact on the environment! Even a small number of residents can shape the future of the Bay. In this course you will learn from lifelong environmental advocates about how you can influence local governments and agencies. 

(Video: Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian on best practices for local advocacy) 


Meet and organize with other interested environmentalists.  

This course will be a great opportunity to connect with other folks who are interested in protecting the environment. New and experienced advocates alike will be available to help you learn and advocate. 


Collaborate with Sierra Club leaders and gain experience through real world advocacy.

Join teams of Sierra Club volunteers to shape Bay policies in the real world. You will gain experience through writing letters, delivering public comments, analyzing government and agency documents, community organizing and more! 







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