Breeze of Innovation Light Tower Survey

Breeze of Innovation Light Tower

By Lisa Barboza

I think that most of you know that our bird populations are in deep trouble.  Recent reports indicate that over 30% of USA bird populations have been lost in since 1970.  One cause is urban lighting.

Urban light has a strongly negative effect on the migrations of birds and insects- a few weeks ago, in Chicago, over 1000 birds were killed in a single evening- Google the Atlantic, and New York Times articles on this topic.

Please, take this surveyThis is your town: Here’s what you can do to stop this senseless destruction of our bird population: Please respond to the San Jose Light Tower Corp survey (note - no requirement to disclose personal information).

The San Jose Light Tower corporation wants to use your public parkland at Cesar Chavez Plaza to build their build their 'Breeze Of Innovation' light pollution structure. 

It is really important to realize that you, an individual or a family, can do a lot to change the world.  I know that it seems hopeless, but I know, in my own life, how a single person can have an impact.  Please take the survey.