Power in Nature and 30x30 Meet with Assemblymember Addis' Staff

Power in Nature

Power in Nature, the statewide lobbying group for 30x30, hosted a meeting with Assm. Addis' staff, Kylie Baranowski, on Tuesday, February 27. Assm Addis is a member of the California Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. This committee's focus is on water resources, flood management, fish and game, parks and recreation, and wildlife.

The Sierra Club Loma Prieta 30x30 is a member of the Power in Nature Central Coast Regional Group that is made up of five counties, San Benito County being one of the three counties served by Loma Prieta. A 30x30 representative for the Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter attended to show support as a member of this regional group.  The main goal for this meeting was to ask for Assemblymember Addis' support for defending funds allocated for 30x30 but now at risk in the 2024 California Budget process. An overview of Power in Nature and 30x30 as well as specific projects were covered. 

This is a low effort way to make a big difference for nature.  If you would like to volunteer to attend meetings like these to help show support for 30x30, please contact mary.buxton@gmail.com