City Watch

City Watch keeps abreast of projects proposed by the City of San Carlos and the City of Belmont which may have environmental consequences. Stay informed: To find current information for your city, be sure to sign up for its e-mail updates for committees, developments, etc., that are of interest to you. The website addresses and


The member business meeting occurs on the third Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM via zoom. Please subscribe to the newsletter to be informed of the zoom link, agenda, and any changes in schedule. To subscribe send an email to camilleaking at gmail dot com

Climate- We follow the Climate Action Plan and Reach Codes in both cities. 

Land Use- We are currently commenting on projects at 808 Alameda, along the El Camino Transportation Corridor, and Bio Safety Level 3 and 4 labs.

Parks and Trails- We are commenting on ebike use within parks.

Transportation- We are advocating for 15mph speed limits in school zones. San Carlos and San Mateo have passed these limits.

Book clubs- To join the Environmental Book Club send an email to camilleaking at gmail dot com. To join the Restoring Nature Book Club send an email to godsouza at mac dot com. To join the Belmont Book Buddies send an email to godsouza at mac dot com