Cool Cities Teams

Cool Cities Map- This map is a spatial representation of currently active Cool Cities Teams or Climate Action groups.

Cool Cities Teams
The Loma Prieta chapter has either lead the effort in creating Cool Cities Teams (local Climate Action Teams) or has developed relationships with existing activists. Cool Cities Teams are part of the Sierra Club and follow Sierra Club rules and policies. Others are organizations or groups of volunteers without any formal organization--we work with them to further shared goals.
The members of Cool Cities teams do not have to be Sierra Club members. The relationships between the Sierra Club and the Cool Cities teams evolved over time since the Sierra Club initially started forming them in 2005 to urge cities to combat climate change. Some teams and groups of volunteers no longer exist and some new ones have formed.
San Mateo County Teams and Groups
Daly City Cool Cities Team (Contact: Henry Martinez)
Millbrae Cool City ( Contact: Ann Schneider)
Pacifica Cool Cities Team (Contact: Carlos Davidson)
Redwood City Cool Cities Team (Contact: Sue Chow)
San Carlos/Belmont Group (Contact: Gladwyn D'Souza)
San Mateo Cool Cities Team (Google Group) (Contact: Kara Kox)
Santa Clara County Teams and Groups
Cupertino Cool Cities Team (Google GroupFacebook) (Contact: Gary Latshaw)
Milpitas Cool Cities Team (Google Group)
San Jose Cool Cities Team (Yahoo GroupFacebook(Contact: Adrian Gonzalez)
Santa Clara Green Action Team(Google Group(Contact: Suds Jain)
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