Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans Leader Information


Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans Leader Information

Email: glslp@usa.net 


Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans
P.O. Box 1318
Santa Clara, CA 95052 

GLS 2023 Governing Committee 
Co-Chairs glslp-chair@usa.net Celeste McInerney and Wen Minkoff
Treasurer glslp-treasurer@usa.net Jeannie Sivertsen
Secretary glslp-secretary@usa.net Mike Zampiceni
Newsletter Chair glslp-newsletter@usa.net Sharon Lum *
Outings Chair glslp-outings@usa.net Eric Mahon and Jeannie Sivertsen
Membership Chair glslp-membership@usa.net Meg Galloway
Programs Chair glslp-programs@usa.net open
Publicity Chair glslp-publicity@usa.net open
Conservation Chair glslp-conservation@usa.net open
IT (Information Technology) glslp-webmaster@usa.net Cathy Roberts *

* Non-elected volunteers that report to the elected board, not officially on the board.


The Governing Committee normally meets at least six times a year in Palo Alto. If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact the Chair for the next meeting date.

What you can do to help

The Governing Committee often has open positions, either because not enough people were elected to fill the required positions, or because of resignations. These positions can be filled by a vote of the committee if suitable volunteers can be found. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer to fill one of the open positions.

How to become an outings leader

Leading outings is fun and it keeps Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans (LPPS) going. If you would like to become an outing leader, you need to fulfill a few basic requirements:

  • You must be a Sierra Club member and subscribe to the LPPS newsletter.

  • You must have current Basic First Aid certification that meets the adopted standards of LPPS/Loma Prieta Chapter

  • You must first colead two LPPS outings

  • You must then 'provisionally lead' one outing and receive a positive evaluation by a Mentor Leader (a qualified and objective leader).

  • You must complete Outings Leader Training 1 or 2, either online or in a chapter-sponsored class. 

  • Once approved by GovCom, you should make an effort to lead at least 3 outings each year

  • You must renew your first aid every three years and renew your OLT training every 4 years to maintain your leader qualification.

You should also join the leaders email list which is used to organize hikes, find co-leaders for hikes, and any other leader business of the section.

When you have completed the requirements, just fill out an application and mail it to the Outings Chair. The Mentor Leader who evaluated your Provisional Outing must complete an evaluation form and mail it to the Outings Chair. The application will be voted on at the next Governing Committee meeting: once it's approved, you are an official LPPS outings leader.

Outings sign-in sheets

Need a sign-in sheet? Print out a copy of this one online. It's four-sided. Contact the Outings Chair if you have any trouble printing it. Please mail sign-in sheets from all of your events to the address shown on the form as soon as possible.

You'll need Adobe Acrobat on your computer to view it. A free viewer for Acrobat PDF files can be downloaded here.

Leaders email list

Please join the leaders email list so that you can be in touch with other outing leaders and prospective leaders. To join the list, just send an email to the Sierra Club list server with the message

subscribe lomap-gls-leaders FirstName LastName

substituting of course your own first and last names.

First aid policy

LPPS Outings Leaders are required to have current Standard First Aid Certification and to carry a first aid kit on all outings they lead. There are many kinds of first aid classes, from half-day Standard First Aid to Wilderness Rescue. It's entirely up to you what class you take, as long as it's National Safety Council approved. Some classes certify you for two years, others for three. The Loma Prieta Chapter usually organizes a class once every quarter, which is announced in the Loma Prietan.  The LPPS section accepts a first aid certificate with a 2 year expiration date as being good for three years in terms of maintaining qualification as a leader.

Outings leaders are encouraged but not required to get Wilderness First Aid training. The Loma Prieta Chapter often organizes WFA classes . Ask the Outings Chair if scholarships are currently available to help underwrite your training costs.