Join Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans (LPPS)


Membership Information

The Sierra Club is a national organization that is broken down into local chapters. The Silicon Valley region is in the Loma Prieta Chapter. Each chapter contains multiple Activity Sections. The Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans (Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans) is an activity section within the Loma Prieta chapter. (There are similar activity sections in other chapters.)

Join Loma Prieta Chapter's Pride Sierrans

To join Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans and receive the Wild Side newsletter:

  • Print out the main mail-in form, make a check or money order payable to GLS/Loma Prieta Chapter and mail the form and payment to the address show on the form.
  • OR Fill out our online membership form and pay for your membership with PayPal.

Members of the Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans are added to the listserv,, to receive hike reminders and announcements of activities affiliated with Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans.

The Wild Side

LPPS publishes a bimonthly newsletter, The Wild Side. The Wild Side contains complete listings of upcoming events with full contact information, as well as articles on environmental issues and other contributions from members. To receive The Wild Side regularly, you need to become a LPPS member .  This membership is separate from that in the Sierra Club, which is not required.

The Wild Side is published for Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, and Nov/Dec.  Your contributions of articles, trip reports, and photos are greatly encouraged and appreciated.  Submissions are due on the 15th of the month prior to the publication of the next bimonthly issue.  Send submissions to the newsletter chair at

If you are new to GLS, feel free to request a complimentary copy of the last published newsletter.  Send your request to the newsletter chair at  

Email Lists

The Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans section operates three email lists on the Sierra Club listserver.


This list is our general announcement and discussion email list, and is open to all who are interested. Most of the posts to this list are hike reminders for the hikes coming up on the next weekend. The list is also used to post announcements as to whether hikes are cancelled due to rain or other reasons. Being a member of this list does not make you a member or subscriber to LPPS.

To subscribe to this list, send mail to with the following message body and a blank subject line:

subscribe LOMAP-GLS-FORUM YourFirstName YourLastName

substituting your own first and last names as you want them to appear.

You will receive a reply asking you to confirm. You should then receive a welcome message, and you're subscribed!

Once you're subscribed to the list, you can post messages by sending mail to This list should only be used to contact members for hiking, outdoor, and environmental activities.  Please note that Sierra Club policy does not permit commercial messages.  

You can unsubscribe from the list at any time by sending mail to with the message

signoff lomap-gls-forum

You can also read the list archives and manage your own subscription.


This list is used to send out the newsletter link to LPPS subscribers. Only people who join Loma Prieta Pride Sierrans (subscribe) will be added to this list. The list is moderated by the membership chair and except in rare cases will only be used to publish the URL to the newsletter.


This list is used for communication between Loma Prieta Pride Sierran leaders. Only people who are leaders or desire to become leaders of LPPS will be added to this list. The list is watched over by the outings chair and used to ask hike leaders to submit hikes for the next two months and to discuss leader business.  For details on becoming a leader see our leader web page.

Join the Sierra Club

You are strongly encouraged to join the Sierra Club and support its work on behalf of the environment. As a Sierra Club member, you will receive bi-monthly issues of Sierra magazine as well as the local Loma Prietan online newsletter if you sign up for it.. Joining the Sierra Club does not automatically give you a subscription to The Wild Side, which is renewed separately. But you must be a Sierra Club member to be a LPPS outing leader or a member of the LPPS Governing Committee and to vote in GovCom elections. You must also subscribe to the LPPS newsletter to perform all the above-mentioned LPPS leader duties.