Loma Prieta Water Committee Goals


Some Goals and Strategies

Follow water supply and management planning efforts within the Loma Prieta Chapter area
  • Research and comment on Santa Clara Valley Water District Water Supply Master Plan update
  • Follow BAWSCA and SFPUC water supply and management issues
  • Call on BAWSCA and SFPUC to drop their litigation against the state for its Bay Delta Plan
  • Participate in Groundwater Reliability project in San Mateo County
  • Follow development of Stormwater Master Plans in Santa Clara And San Mateo counties
  • Follow the Expedited Purified Water Program and comment as needed about environmental and community impacts
Influence Santa Clara Valley Water District support for the Water Fix project
  • Create a focused effort to lobby the SCVWD Board to get voter approval to raise taxes for Water Fix 
  • Collaborate with Sierra Club CNRCC Water Committee and other organizations to follow and comment on Water Fix hearings and related developments at SCVWD
Advocate to expedite progress on Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat Collaborative Effort (FAHCE) and interim fish habitat improvements
  • Work with government agencies and other non-profits to advocate for fish barrier removal and habitat projects (e.g. Singleton Road, Metcalf, Ogier ponds, and the Los Alamitos flashboard dam)
  • Review and comment on Almaden Lake project EIR, including relationship to FAHCE and Los Alamitos Flashboard Dam and Drop Structure
  • Review and comment on FAHCE EIR 
Increase Water Committee Capacity and Outreach
  • Improve Committee webpages
  • Collaborate with Chapter Communications Committee to increase Water Committee contributions to newsletters and other Chapter outreach efforts
  • Collaborate with regional groups and outings to integrate current conservation topics into programs
Coyote Creek Clean-Ups, Education, and Outreach Campaign
  • Continue to support organizations such as Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful and Friends of Coyote Creek on projects to remove trash from Coyote Creek
  • Participate in events related to protection and restoration of Coyote Creek
Secondary Goal 6: Advocate for improved community outreach processes at Santa Clara Valley Water District as well as water utilties and BAWSCA
  • Advocate for improved community outreach to community stakeholders by Water district
  • Advocate for full CEQA and NEPA comp liance and against District lobbying to seek environmental exemptions