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The San Francisco Bay is important

Two-thirds of the State’s watershed drains through the Bay, creating a complex living ecosystem that is essential to the ecology of California and also central to the health, identity, economy, and wildlife of the Bay Area.

… and under urgent threat

In addition to two centuries of habitat destruction, resource extraction, industrial pollution, urban development and more, the SF Bay ecosystem now faces a new major threat:

Rising sea levels endanger the Bay’s fragile ecology and threaten economic harm to housing, industry, and critical infrastructure. Bay experts believe sea level rise - and how our region responds - is the single greatest overarching threat to the San Francisco Bay.

The Bay Alive Campaign

The Bay Alive Campaign is organized by three Sierra Club Chapters located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Loma Prieta, San Francisco Bay, and Redwood Chapters) and Sierra Club California. 

Our Vision:

A healthy, climate resilient, San Francisco Bay where people, wildlife and natural ecosystems can co-exist and thrive - where a healthy ecosystem, with a rich mosaic of wildlife habitat has been protected, restored, and created, and where Bay-adjacent communities have enhanced their relationships with the Bay while being protected from inundation and displacement.

Watch the short video below about protecting local wetlands:

Credit: Michael Kerhin

Our Goals:


Take action to keep San Francisco Bay Alive. Learn more about our education and training programs and local campaigns below. Get connected to the cause by signing up for Bay Alive campaign updates. We’ll keep you up to date (but not too often!) on opportunities to speak up, sign petitions, write letters, and more to make sure local and regional policies advance Bay resilience. For more information or to volunteer, contact Susan DesJardin.

Bay Alive Opportunities and Resources:

Bay Advocate Program

Bay Advocate Program

Learn from Chapter advocacy experts about Bay wildlife, history and the impacts of sea level rise on Bay Area communities. Build advocacy skills and take action to protect and preserve the Bay for wildlife and future generations. 

Bay Advocates Action Group: Meets monthly (weekday evening) and includes members who have attended the Bay Advocate Program and is for members who are ready to be active. Contact (Susan DesJardin)

Bay Alive Webinars

Learn about a variety of Bay-related topics, such as how nature-based solutions can protect us from sea level rise, and how light pollution affects the Bay (and all of us).

Light at Night

San Jose at night, from Mt. Hamilton; Image: Keith Wandry

Bay Alive Advocacy Campaigns

Learn more about the major issues our Bay Alive Campaign is involved in, such as Sunnyvale's Moffett Park Specific Plan and East Palo Alto's Ravenswood Business District Specific Plan. 

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​The Bay Alive campaign is funded through a bequest received by the Loma Prieta Chapter from the Rohloff Estate.