Sierra Club supports transportation policy and systems that:
  • minimize the impacts on and use of land, airspace and waterways, minimize the consumption of limited resources, including fuel, and reduce pollutant and noise emissions;
  • provide everyone, including pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users, with adequate access to jobs, shopping, services and recreation;
  • provide adequate and efficient goods movement and substitute local goods for those requiring long distance movement, where feasible;
  • encourage land uses that minimize travel requirements;
  • strengthen local communities, towns and urban centers, and promote equal opportunity;
  • eliminate transportation subsidies which handicap achievement of the above goals; and ensure vigorous and effective public participation in transportation planning.

Mission statement

To promote the most cost-effective, equitable, least polluting, and least sprawl-inducing transportation systems possible. Special attention needs to be given to rectifying the imbalance between the resources devoted to automotive transport, and other modes, specifically, bicycle, pedestrian, and mass transit.

The fast fair and frugal way to reduce green house gases is by making bicycling and walking safe and efficient and pricing pollution. To do that cities should 
1- Convert the city’s Bicycle-Pedestrian plan's streets quickly and for low cost to a network of Slow Green Streets. Slow streets remove pressure for mobility from sidewalks allowing for tree roots, pollinator habitat and specified creek setbacks. 
2- Site e-micromobility options along the network. 
3- Congestion price parking and driving. Don’t skip this step- Behavior cannot be changed without price signals.
5. Aggressively install the things that are proven to make cities safer and more efficient for everyone: bike lanes, curb extensions, bus lanes, high-visibility crosswalks, and raised intersections.
Top issues: Walkable communities, getting off fossil fuels, modern transit.
Campaigns: Pedestrain and Bicycle Master Plans, Circulation Elements, Green Streets, Measure RR to fund Caltrain, Broadband As A Public Utility
Interested? Contact Gladwyn d'Souza, Transportation Committee Chair - - to get added to the listserve