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Inspired by the power of soil to restore a stable climate, we formed in May 2015. We value new voices, ideas, and skills that will help further our cause. We meet monthly near the Bart Station in Fremont.

Steering Committee

Anne Bishop, co-founder of the Soils Committee, worked as a news reporter and editor in Silicon Valley for 11 years. Since 2000, she has copyedited humanities texts. Growing up, Annie spent more time outdoors than in—whether gardening, walking, camping, or backpacking in California and beyond. This formed a deep appreciation of and concern for protecting our environment. A long-time environmental activist, Annie appreciates the practicality and logic of restoring soil health to mitigate or even reverse climate change.

Anne Stauffer, co-founder of the Soils Committee, has worked as a medical and scientific writer for 20 years. She has been an environmental activist within the Loma Prieta Chapter of Sierra Club for many years and is co-organizer of the San Jose Urban Farmers Cooperative Meetup group. Anne believes that an increased awareness of our natural world will continue to lead to protection of our ecosystems, including the abundant life within soil, and ultimately to reduced CO2 levels in Earth’s atmosphere, and a stabilized climate.

Bill Buchholz is a retired architect with over 40 years’ experience in the building industry. He is an advocate for sustainable building practices and forestry practices. Bill is a lifetime member of the Sierra Club, a member of the Loma Prieta Chapter Soils Committee and Forest Protection Committee, and the Club's National Forest Certification and Green Building team. He sees growing momentum and progress in addressing climate change at all levels and is optimistic about our future.

Team Support

Janet Buchholz is a marriage and family therapist and has a private practice in Berkeley. She is a retired adjunct professor in the Counseling Department at San Francisco State University and a former clinical supervisor. Janet is a lifetime member of Sierra Club. She feels that progress addressing climate change is best made by encouraging each to take action.

Elizabeth Guimarin is a program and project manager with experience in web and information services in science, technology, and education for companies and nonprofit organizations. She has an education and background in environmental chemistry with a MS in Soil Science. She supports improving awareness and education around healthy soils and sees how improved soils can restore ecosystems and mitigate climate change.

Justyna Guterman is the Development Coordinator for the Loma Prieta Chapter. She joined the committee as a volunteer in 2016, providing administrative and organizational support. Justyna is a passionate gardener. In her free time, she enjoys camping with her family, turning compost, and experimenting with vermicompost.

Contact Information

Anne Stauffer, ib_annie@yahoo.com, 408-650-2650




Loma Prieta Chapter Office

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